Click to enlargeThe customer loyalty measurement system 
that goes beyond a simple metric to uncover 
insight into underlying causes 
of customer dissatisfaction. 
Provides methods to resolve problems 
and turn Detractors into Promoters.

Who Uses the Net Referral Score Survey?

Toshiba - Southwest Airlines - Target - Enterprise Car - Harley Davidson - Costco - Amazon - Chick-fill-a - Ebay - Vanguard - Apple - Intuit - Cisco - Fed Ex - Adobe General Electric - AFLAC - Walgreens - Gillette - State Farm - New York Life - Plus many, many more!

What Results Can a Community Owner Expect?

Increased Occupancy - More Word-of-Mouth Advertising - Positive On-line Social Marketing - Higher Resident Retention - More Timely Rent Collections - Improved Resident Relations - Fewer Rules Violations - Less Resident-to-Resident Conflicts - Future Occupancy More Secure - Engagement of Employees at All Levels

Secrets to Net Referral Score Program Success in a Community

Understanding the Data - Implementing Internal Processes that Will Create Change - Learning How to Use Resident Information Effectively - Building a Program that Engages the Entire Organization - Moving Residents from Satisfaction to Loyalty - Creating a Closed-Loop Process Where Resident Feedback is Acted on Daily - Reporting in Place to Hold All Management Accountable

How to Implement a Net Referral Score Program

Top Management Support is Critical - Company Sponsor Assignment - Hire Net Referral Score Provider -Transparency is Key to Growth - Resolutions Compiled by Third Party - On-going Training in Conflict Resolution, Building Relationships, Effective Listening, Follow-up Call Efficiency and Effectiveness, Resolving Common Resident Problems, and Understanding Root Causes of Resident Dissatisfaction

How Can the Net Referral Score System Fail?

Thinking Net Referral Score is Only a Metric - Trivializing the Program - Not Relating NRS to Operational Cultural Strategies - Not Engaging in Regular Review Meetings - Executives Not Analyzing Data - Not Training Employees Across the Organization - Not Dealing with Comments from Residents - Skepticism or Resistance to Change Culture - Not Believing Loyal Residents Produce Referrals - Strong Start But Original Purpose is Re-prioritized - Lack of Urgency to Follow-up with Detractors - Lack of Patience Between Investment and Financial Returns - Top Executive Sponsorship Flounders


A well-developed Net Referral Score program will produce a higher return for dollars invested than the majority of investments most organizations make. Very few companies, in the future, with inferior NRS scores will succeed in achieving significant growth.

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The Housing Marketplace is currently working with more than 450+ communities across the United States completing,each month, more than 3,000 Net Referral Score telephone survey calls to community residents, renters, homeowners, and RV resort guests and vacationers.

Click the YouTube link below for a brief overview or call for a free audio-synchronized CD that provides the details on implementing and administrating an NRS program for your business.(828-891-3911)

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